Terms of payment

The customer is obligated to pay Adriasupply for the ordered merchandise by method selected when filling out the order form.

Payment of the full amount via internet:
Accepted forms of payment:

- Credit Card (Mastercard / Eurocard, Visa, American Express)

FREE shipping for all orders valued above 500HRK is added to the product cost according to the pricelist published on our Internet shop pages.

Currency Conversion Statement

All the billing is carried out in the Croatian kuna.
The final billing amount is converted to kuna according to the exchange rate of People's Bank of Croatia on the date of payment.
When your credit card is charged, the final amount is converted to currency of the country in which the credit card was issued, according to the exchange rate of Credit Card Associations.
Due to the currency conversion by various rates, there is a possibility that the actual amount billed could be somewhat different from the amount stated on our web site.
Please take this into account.